Marc Minot is an independent producer following his own style in the electronic and world-fusion music scene.  From downtempo to chilled house, his compositions are filled with elements of nu jazz, bossa nova beats and soul music.  His audio tracks are often accompanied by atmospherics to capture a specific moment or mood.  Marc Minot started in 1999 as video editor and sound designer in the post-production industry in New York.

The Sound + Vision experiences fueled Marc Minot’s inspiration for a new path as a music producer.  Marc Minot has since composed music for US TV commercials, including Superfund, Double Down Media and Scarguard.  He has also released several yoga, meditation and relaxation tracks, used by internationally celebrated yoga teachers, Ana Brett & Ravi Singh.  In addition, his music is played on radios like Soma FM and Spotify.

– Enjoy listening.